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Each One Teach One Family Center is proud to announce that Keystone STARS recently awarded them with a STAR 4 designation! This accomplishment is esteemed as the highest level of excellence in completing rigorous performance standards required by the program.

Keystone STARS is a voluntary program designed to support, improve, and recognize quality improvement efforts of early 

childhood facilities. To achieve a STAR 4 rating, EOTO went through a lengthy process in which director and staff qualifications and professional development, the learning program, partnerships with families and communities, and leadership and management all must meet very specific criteria. Keystone STARS provided training to advance staff education, technical assistance to help programs meet STAR level requirements, and additional resources through support grants and merit awards to support continued quality improvements. The higher the STAR level, the higher the quality standards.

There are over 2,000 Keystone Stars participants throughout Pennsylvania and only a small percentage make it to the elite level. (Out of 81 participating centers in Westmoreland County, only 27% have achieved Star 4 designation!)

What does this mean for you and your child?

Our Centers’ designations of Keystone STAR levels let you know that your child is in a developmentally-appropriate and supportive environment. Your child will learn, play, grow and be equipped for success in school and in life. Because of state supports, we can improve our quality without drastically increasing cost to parents.