Bright Babies

Infant Care

Our infant room provides a safe, nurturing, and stimulating environment for infants to explore throughout the day.

Experiences with teachers and peers, as well as language, movement, music, books, art, and fine motor materials enhance children’s growth and development.

Teachers plan experiences based on children’s developmental needs and individual interests.

Daily reports detailing your infants feeding, napping, diapering, and play activities are given each day.

Movers and Shakers

Toddler Care

Young Toddler Room 

 encourages children to explore their environment independently and will also be introduced to a class routine.

The routine is flexible and is adjusted to meet the needs of the toddlers. They begin to eat, sleep, and play at the same time. This schedule allows predictability and a feeling of security among the one year olds.

Children are encouraged to use their words to express their wants and needs. Our teachers encourage and model positive behavior.

The activities provided in this classroom create learning and social experiences through projects, activities, and play.

 Older Toddler Room 

Weekly themes are used in the two year old classroom to promote independence through child- centered and teacher directed activities throughout the day.

Self-help skills such as eating, toilet training, hand washing, and cleaning up independently are taught on in this class.

The Two Year Old Program introduces toddlers to circle time activities including calendar, weather, counting, story time, and songs.

We also concentrate on taking turns, cooperation, sharing, and expressing feelings in an appropriate manner.

Ready  2 Learn


In our three year old classroom, we strive to provide opportunities for youngsters to develop a sense of self.

To achieve this, we offer activities that encourage mental and physical coordination, focus on self- regulation, communication, critical thinking, and new challenges.

This classroom will also begin to introduce children to pre-reading and math concepts.

Youngsters will begin to move through learning

centers, and will be encouraged to learn through cooperative play.

Beginning writing activities, science, and cooking are also a part of our three year old curriculum.


Full Day Pre-Kindergarten

  Focusing on preparing your youngster to begin kindergarten, our PRE2K classroom focuses on math, literacy, science and communication skills. Our teachers assess each child’s development throughout the year, to help guide planning, teaching, and partnerships with parents.Our classroom is divided into learning centers, encouraging your child to learn new skills through self-selected, hands-on activities. 

Each child's individuality is appreciated and their achievements are applauded.



Before/After School Care

 Discovery Club's goal is to motivate kids to engage in physical, learning, and imaginative activities and encourage them to explore who they are and what they can achieve. In addition to supplementing what they have learned in school, children participate in interactive learning experiences that engage critical thinking skills. School -aged youngsters are also provided with time each day to work on their homework with trained staff and have a chance to socialize with each other and form long-lasting friendships that enhance their development, growth, and self-confidence. Transportation to and from school provided.

Camp Discovery

Summer Day Camp

Camp Discovery is a summer day camp located at EOTO Family Center. Camp Discovery participants learn and explore their surroundings while experiencing new things, meeting friends and creating positive, lasting memories.

Swimming, cooking, crafts, drama, field trips, and interactive games are just a few of the activities the will be available for your child.  Daily snacks included!